Living With Plants

As we all know plants are the lifeline of this planet. Without plants, it would be impossible for life to exist on earth. When you are around plants, there is a sense of relaxation and a feeling of peace. Not too long ago a very good friend of mine Nalini Sharma started adding plants to the house. We put plants everywhere, in the Living room, in the bedroom, had hanging pots in the window grill, and anywhere else where we could place them.

This created a very serene living environment around the house. Plants keep the air around the house clean and in a city like Bangalore, this is a growing concern. They also boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity while giving you that breathe of freshness inside the house.

You also can add plants to your living spaces by following a few simple rules.

  • Choose the right plants – All plants cannot be grown indoor. Later on in the article, I will give you a list of plants that you can easily grow indoor.
  • Do not overwater the plants – Evaporation happens at a slower rate indoors, so overwatering is a major concern. Just water the plants till the soil is moist. Watering every 3-4 days and have a pot with a drain to remove excess water.
  • Try and pick spots with more sunlight – Try to choose spots where you get more sunlight to place your plants. This increases the chances of survival.
  • Plants do better in groups – I think plants can communicate with each other. When they are placed together, they seem greener and happier. If it is not possible to have many plants at home. Put them in a group once in a while.

Here is my list of plants that you can grow very easily and are almost impossible to kill:

Plants that are Almost Impossible to Kill

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is not a very demanding plant and requires very little to stay alive. This plant is actually a species of water Lilly and not bamboo. Just add them to a container of water and you are set. Change water every couple of weeks to make sure they get some nutrients as well.

In the Asian culture, it symbolizes good fortune and is popular in Feng Sui.

Pothos Ivy or Money plant

Pothos are simply great house plants. Much like the luck bamboo, they do not need much care. You can place them in a container of water or pot them. They grow quickly and can easily be propagated with cuttings.
You can have them in pretty bottles and place them around the house.

Aloe Vera

This plant needs a sunny spot inside your house and that’s the end of it. It can survive almost anything. A friend of mine who had an Aloe went to his hometown and returned after 3 months, this plant was still alive. I don’t know another plant on this planet that is so resilient. They belong to a group of plants called succulents which store water in their leaves.

There are various medicinal uses to Aloe Vera as well.

Snake Plant

This is a succulent as well. Find a moderately sunny spot in the house and place it there. If you happened to keep it in a shady spot, put it out in the sun for a few days and it should still do fine. There is a dwarf variety of this plant as well.

Like most succulents, you can use the leaves to propagate this plant as well. In the native areas where it is found, the snake plant is used for various medicinal purposes, including treating snake bites.

Spider plants

Spider plants are beautiful plants and they also give out babies plants often. They do really well in hanging pots as well. They do best when there is a little bit of direct sunlight. They require slightly more water than the succulents on this list and grow very quickly. Once they outgrow their pots, it is better to repot them.

Apart from these plants, there are plenty of other plants that you can grow at home. But the above plants are the easiest in my opinion. That being said, here is my list of favorite plants that you can grow indoors.

My favorite Indoor plants


Jade is a brilliant plant and a great choice to shape and create a Bonsai. They need a bit more sunlight than the other indoor plants, so keep them in a place that gets some direct sunlight or keep them out for a bit and move them inside.

Since Jade is a succulents, they do not need much water. I like putting them in wider pots and think they look best there.

Areca Palm

These palms are easy to keep and give that very tropical paradise kind of feel when you have them at home. We used to use these plants a lot in our projects. They are not a big fan of direct sunlight, so avoid keeping them out in the direct sun. They grow quite big and bushy too.

Keep the Areca palms close to the window and add a handful of fertilizer every month. This helps the plant remain healthy. Repot the plant of it outgrows the pot.


Syngoniums are pretty easy plants and do not like direct sunlight. You can grow them in any well lit corners of the house, but direct sunlight burn the leaves. They are vines and grow quite quickly when the conditions are favorable. They are also called the arrowhead plant.

The leaves appear in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The leaves of the arrowhead are poisonous if consumed. Avoid this plant of you have pets or small children around.

Quick Care Tips

Watering – Water the plants when the soil runs dry. For me, this is typically once in 3-4 days. Choose a pot with a drain hole to remove excess water

Repotting – Repot the plant when it outgrows the pot, I generally use a mix of 40% potting soild, 40 percent coco peat and 20% vermi compost.

Fertilizing – Loosen the soil a bit with the tool and add a little vermicompost once a month. The nutrients in the soil get washed away and the soil hardens when you water the plant. This helps keep the balance.

Bugs – Bugs in indoor plants can be annoying, I put a mix of neem oil and water in a sprayer and spray them on the bugs. This gets rid of them most of the time. If this does not work, buy a soap based insecticide and spray it on the affected areas on the plant.

Like I said before, indoor plants are a pleasure to have and have multiple benefits. If you haven’t tried having them before, I sure hope you try them now. Do let me know if you need help with anything. Thanks Krishika, Sharanya, and Nalini for the lovely pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Living With Plants

  1. Rohan, that was so informative and interesting. Loved reading it and got to know the names of many. I would like to know where we get coco peat. Blog on!!!


    1. You can get them in 2 forms, blocks that you can break and mix with manure, or premixed ones. Can find them at any Nursery, or I can pick them up for you sometime when I am coming that side


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